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Lakhamandal is a historical and archaeological site in Uttarakhand, India, known for its ancient temples and legends associated with the Mahabharata.


Day 1 : Haridwar to Lakhamandal
  • Morning: Depart from Haridwar to Lakhamandal by road. The distance is approximately 122 kilometers, and the journey may take around 4-5 hours, depending on road conditions.
  • Afternoon: Arrive in Lakhamandal and check in at your chosen accommodation. Freshen up and have some lunch.
  • Evening:Visit the Lakhamandal Temple Complex. Explore the ancient temples, including the Shiva temple known for its unique stone carvings.
Day 2 : Explore Lakhamandal and Nearby Attractions
  • Morning: Attend the morning prayers at the Lakhamandal temples. Take some time to soak in the spiritual atmosphere.
  • Afternoon: Explore the nearby attractions. You can visit places like the Swargashram, which offers a tranquil setting for meditation and relaxation.
  • Evening:Return to Lakhamandal, relax, and enjoy a quiet evening in the serene surroundings.
Day 3 : Village Exploration and Cultural Experience
  • Morning: Spend some time exploring the village of Lakhamandal. You can interact with the locals, learn about the village’s history, and visit nearby homes.
  • Afternoon:Visit the Lakhamandal Archaeological Site. Explore the ancient ruins and gain insights into the historical significance of the region.
  • Evening: Enjoy a traditional meal at your accommodation and immerse yourself in the local culture.
Day 4 : Return to Haridwar
  • Morning: After breakfast, check out from your accommodation in Lakhamandal.
  • Begin your journey back to Haridwar, cherishing the memories and experiences of your visit.
  • Afternoon/Evening: Arrive back in Haridwar, concluding your historically enriching trip to Lakhamandal.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the significance of Lakhamandal?

Lakhamandal holds historical and mythological significance. It is believed to be associated with the Mahabharata and is known for its ancient temples, particularly the Shiva temple with unique stone carvings.

Are there any ancient temples in Lakhamandal?

Yes, Lakhamandal is home to several ancient temples, including a Shiva temple. The temple is known for its intricately carved stone sculptures.

Is Lakhamandal associated with any legends or stories from the Mahabharata?

Yes, according to local legend, Lakhamandal is believed to be the spot where the Kauravas tried to burn the Pandavas in the wax palace during the Mahabharata period.

Are there any archaeological ruins in Lakhamandal?

Yes, Lakhamandal has an archaeological site with ancient ruins, which include stone carvings and artifacts that provide insights into the region’s historical past.

Are there any nearby attractions to visit along with Lakhamandal?

Yes, there are nearby attractions in the region. Swargashram is one such place known for its tranquil environment, making it a great spot for meditation and relaxation.