from ₹2499/night

Standard Double Room

This room comprises of 1 Double Bed or 2 Twin Beds, 1 Bedside Tables, a Desk & Chair. The room is furnished with wall to wall carpeting, trendy furnishings and a balcony.

The main focus of the room is a comfortable double bed, adorned with soft, plush pillows and a neatly tucked-in duvet. The bed is placed against the wall, with a warm-colored headboard providing a touch of elegance.

The room is well-lit, with a large window on the opposite wall, allowing natural light to filter in during the day. Soft, flowing curtains frame the window, adding a touch of privacy and style. The walls are painted in a calming pastel color, creating a soothing atmosphere.

Overall, the ambiance of the room is tranquil and comfortable, making it a perfect retreat after a long day.

Hot water
from ₹2499/night



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