General outline of COVID-19 policies:

1. Health and Safety Measures:
– Implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols for vehicles, accommodations, and frequently-touched surfaces.
– Providing hand sanitizing stations for customers and staff.
– Ensuring staff members follow proper hygiene practices and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and gloves if necessary.

2. Social Distancing:
– Reducing tour group sizes to allow for adequate social distancing.
– Encouraging customers and staff to maintain a safe distance from each other, especially during check-ins, meals, and group activities.

3. Health Screening:
– Conducting health screenings for customers and staff, including temperature checks and COVID-19 symptom questionnaires.
– Requesting individuals showing symptoms or having potential exposure to stay home and reschedule their bookings.

4. Flexibility in Booking and Cancellation Policies:
– Offering flexible booking and cancellation policies to accommodate changes in travel plans due to COVID-19 restrictions or concerns.
– Providing options for rescheduling tours or offering refunds if necessary.

5. Mask Policies:
– Requiring customers and staff to wear masks in enclosed spaces or when social distancing is not possible, following local regulations.

6. Contactless Payment and Check-ins:
– Encouraging contactless payment methods to reduce physical interactions during transactions.
– Implementing contactless check-ins and digital ticketing processes.

7. Collaboration with Local Authorities:
– Staying informed about local COVID-19 guidelines and regulations to ensure compliance with travel restrictions and safety protocols.
– Collaborating with local health authorities and tour partners to ensure consistency in safety measures.

8. Communication and Information:
– Providing customers with clear and detailed information about the COVID-19 policies and safety measures being implemented.
– Regularly updating customers on any changes to policies or guidelines.